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Monday, March 31, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Cold and Cough

Tamil Medicine for Cold and Cough 
This is Tamil medicine for cold and cough. Tamil home medicine for cold and cough are ancient medicine prepared by using out daily food ingredients. Here are natural medicines for your diseases.   

Tamil Medicine for Cold
·         The cheapest remedy to treat cough and cold is to gargle with warm salt water.
·         Mix honey and lemon juice in warm water and consume the mixture thrice a day to get permanent cure from cough and cold.
·         Fenugreek seeds are beneficial in treating cough and cold. Make powder of fenugreek seeds and mix it with ginger powder and turmeric powder. Mix these powders with honey and consume it regularly to get rid of cough and cold.
·         If you are suffering from sore throat and throat irritation, then chew a clove to get instant relief.
·         Chewing 4-5 raisins also give relief from sore throat.

Tamil Medicine for baby cold
·         Ginger is the best and well known remedy to fight against cough and cold. Mix ginger powder with honey is very beneficial. Consume the mixture twice a day.
·         Honey with black pepper powder is very helpful is controlling the attack of cough and cold instantly.
·         If your children are suffering from congestion in nose or ear pain because of cold, then inhaling steam is the best treatment for relief.
·         Mix ½ tsp of turmeric in honey and mix this mixture in warm water. Consume 2-3 times a day to get relief from cough and cold.
·         Make a decoction by boiling water with 3 cloves, 3 cinnamon, 4-5 black peppers, ½ tsp jeera, 3 cardamoms and 1 piece of fresh ginger (crushed). Filter this decoction and consume before going to bed to get relief from sore throat and cold.

Siddha Medicine for Cold in Tamil Maruthuvam
·         Tulsi leaves are very beneficial in treating cough and cold. Chew fresh tulsi leaves or boil some tulsi leaves in water and sip that water 3 times a day.
·         One of the best tamil home remedies for cough is having hot milk with ½ tsp of turmeric can prove very effective in healing not only cough but cold too.
·         Green tea with lemon and honey heals many diseases. It proves helpful in treating cough and cold.
·         The simple remedy to treat the cough at night time is to chew a piece of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate instantly stops the coughing thus beneficial in treating children.
·         Honey mixed with warm milk is also helpful remedy for cough and cold.
·         Mix black pepper powder and honey in your green tea and sip it twice a day to heal cough and cold.

     Home Medicine for Cough in Tamil
·         Mixing 1 tsp of brandy in 2 tsp of honey and consume this mixture twice a day. Brandy helps to increase body heat and reduces cold.
·         Indian gooseberry of amla juice proves very beneficial in treating cough and cold.
·         One of the best Tamil medicine for cough is from ginger, tulsi and honey. Ginger juice, tulsi juice and honey gives instant relief in cough and sore throat.
·         Consume garlic regularly to get rid of cough and cold.
·         Mix crushed black peppers in jaggery powder. Make small balls of the mixture and consume it 4 times in a day to treat cough and cold.
·         Carrot juice is also effective remedy for cough and cold.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weight Loss in 7 Days in Tamil One Week Diet Tips

Weight loss in Tamil Method
This is weight loss in 7 days in Tamil One week diet tips. Losing weight is not so easy task. A person should follow many things with determination of mind. The two important thing you have to follow is weight loss exercises Tamil and weight loss diet in tamil. Here are some tips to lose 2 to 3 kg in a week time. Weight loss tamil language medicine are available in ayurveda treatment also.
It is necessary to fix a weight loss target before you start the weight loss plan.
The first thing in weight loss is to reduce starchy, sugary and fatty food from your diet. Try to intake the food full of proteins and fibre. Eat maximum quantity of vegetables and fruits regularly. Leafy vegetables, egg whites, fish and non-fatty dairy food can prove a best diet.

Weight Loss Tamil Foods

Drink maximum amount of water instead of coke, soft drinks or even preservative juices. These types of drinks contain maximum level of sugar. Sugar is the major source of carbo-hydrates, which can be a cause of high calories. Lemon water is the best substitute for your thirst. Drink nearly 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.
Don’t eat anything until you are seriously hungry. Just don’t chew anything as you are feeling bored. Eat plenty of fruits which contain less sugar. Banana, mango,chikoo and grapes are the high sugar fruits. Avoid them.
Eat at fixed time. Instead of eating a heavy meal at a time, take small portions of food all over the day at a fix time every day.
Don’t skip your food while you are dieting. Starving never helps to lose the weight, instead it helps weight gain. It happens because when you don’t eat anything, your body metabolism slows down and then when you start eating again your body stores the food as fats.

Body Weight Loss Tamil exercise Methods
Exercise is must to lose weight but before starting your regular exercise, give five to ten minutes for stretching exercise. Daily minimum 1 hour exercise is required to shed weight rapidly.
Include cardio exercise in your routine work out. Cardio exercise can help for quick weight loss in compare to other exercises. Walking on trade-mill, jogging, cycling, climbing steps, skipping, swimming are some of the easy but effective cardio exercises. If you want to lose 1 pound per day , then it is necessary to burn more calories than you take in as food.
Stress can lead to weight gain, so add meditation and yoga in your routine to keep your mind stress-free. Here is the information about weight loss yoga in tamil.

Weight Loss Tamil Tips
1.   Have warm water with fresh lemon juice and a tsp of honey in the morning before eating anything to be in shape quickly.
2.   Oats are the rich source of fibre, which is helpful in weight loss. Have oats  kanjiin your regular breakfast to get fast results.
3.   Warm water with lemon juice and honey is most effective for weight loss.
4.   Warm water with lemon juice and a pinch of cinnamon, helps to boost metabolism and reduce weight magically within few days.
5.   Green tea helps to detoxify body and shed weight effectively.
6.   Horse gram is an excellent fat burner. Horse gram soup or roasted horse gram powder can be excellent remedy to shed extra pounds.
7.   Weight Loss in 7 Days in Tamil One Week Diet Tips Gives positive result what you expect, all the best.