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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tamil medicine for Jaundice

This is Tamil medicine for jaundice. Jaundice is one of the dangerous diseases that can cause many other diseases. In jaundice our skin and white portion of eyes turn yellowish in color as a result of increased Bilirubin level in the blood. Infant jaundice is most common in India. Dark yellow color urination and yellow shade all over the body is the main symptom of jaundice. Treatment for hepatitis c  is little costly. People should have some basic knowledge about Jaundice symptoms and treatment. 

Here are some natural home remedies to fight against this disease:
Jaundice types in tamil medicine: Pathologic Jaundice or jaundice in newborns, Pathologic Jaundice 
Combination of Honey and papaya is famous remedy for cirrhosis in the liver jaundice. Make paste of papaya leaves add honey in it. Continue this remedy for couple of weeks to cure the disease effectively.

One more very effective remedy is to add honey in banana paste. Consume the mixture twice a day for couple of weeks to treat jaundice.

You might have heard of treatment for hepatitis using bael leaves. Bael leaves are loaded with anti biotic properties. The leave extracts are used in ayurvedic medicinal therapy for treatment of diabetes. It has been proved that the leaves extracts are equally beneficial for treatment of jaundice. Make a juice of fresh bael leaves and add some pepper powder in it. Consume the mixture twice a day for quick relief.

Solanum nigrum is popularly called jaundice berry (manathakkali) in tamil. Regular intake of this can cure jaundice.

Jaundice treatment in tamil language maruthuvamusing keelanelli: One more trustworthy remedy for jaundice is phyllanthus niruri popularly called keelanelli plant. The antivirus properties of phyllanthus niruri can reduce the inflammation of liver and can fight against the virus of hepatitis A and B. The studies have proved that the plant extracts can effectively treat the jaundice within few days. Make a paste of niruri leaves and add it in goat milk. Consume the milk on empty stomach in the morning.

The studies have proved that the combination of phyllanthus niruri leaves and cassia sophera leaves works very good for the treatment of jaundice. Grind the leaves of the both plant and consume the paste twice a day followed with hot water.

Another effective remedy for jaundice us Curly dock plant leaves. The leaves are loaded with the medicinal properties useful to fight against the disease. Clean the leaves of curly dock and grind them along with cumin seeds and small onions and fresh lime juice. Consume it on empty stomach in the morning.

The leaves of Portia tree poovarasam are considered as beneficial for treatment of jaundice. Grind Portia tree leaves with pepper. Mix it with buttermilk and consume it thrice a day to get cured from jaundice.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Tamil medicine for cancer naturopathy treatment

This is Tamil medicine for cancer naturopathy treatment. Cancer is a disease that brings deadly shiver in the minds of everyone. It is the disease in starts with a tumor and slowly spreads throughout the body through blood or circulatory systems. It can be cured in the begging stages by knowing the symptoms or arikurikal. In most of the cases cancer results into to death, if not cured in initial stage. Cancer treatment and cancer medications are vey expensive. There are several internal and external causes behind the attack of this disease. 

There are many types of cancer and symptoms vary every time. In cancer the remarkable growth of cells can be seen which results in nonstop division of cells. There are certain Tamil medicines for cancer, in that most effective is siddha medicine for cancer in tamil therapy, which can build our immunity system and prevent the development and growth of cancer. The patients who are taking chemotherapy therapy or radiation therapy can take advantage of certain home remedies for extra benefits:

Tamil breast cancer remedy using Broccoli:
Some types of colorectal cancers can be cured with the help of broccoli. Broccoli sprouts are rich in phytochemicals which can prevent the development of breast cancer cells. Antioxidant properties of broccoli can detoxify the body naturally.

Prostate cancer therapy using grapes:
Grapes are loaded with compound named proanthocyanidins that controls the production of estrogen in the body. It is the very good remedy for breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer.

The consumption of ginseng keeps the infections away and it boosts the resistance power of the body.

This magical herb is loaded with anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties to treat many kinds of cancer in earlier stages.

The studies have proved that the phyto-estrogens present in soybean prevent the cancer cells from using estrogen in the body. Another compound found in soybeans is iso-flavones which can prevent the growth of Cancer cells in early stage. The remarkable difference can be seen in breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer after the regular consumption of soybean.

Wheat grass:
The juice of wheat grass builds the immunity power effectively and flushes of the harmful toxins from the body. It blocks the growth of cancer cells and thus is helpful in the treatment of all types of cancer.

Aloe Vera:
The juice of aloe Vera is beneficial in prostate or lung cancer.
Olive oil:
Olive oil can be used for many health problems. It keeps the risk of cancer away. Hydroxytyrosol, present in olive oil is beneficial in treating breast cancer in women.

Along with all these home remedies, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the body healthy. The vegetables like cucumber, corn, carrots, spinach and peas are useful in cancer treatment.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tamil medicine for ear pain treatment

This is Tamil medicine for ear pain treatment. Various causes can be there behind ear pain or ear infections. The problem can be seen in children as well as in adults. The pain can be due to wax buildup, cold, cough, deficiencies, allergies or internal injuries also. The ear pain can follow with the other problems like headache, loss of hearing capacity, fever and vomiting etc. sometimes fluid draining can be seen from the ear. The problem can be solved by using some simple home remedies without any side effects, here are some Ear pain tips in tamil natural therapy.

Ear pain treatment in tamil using salt: It is considered as one of the easiest and most effective home remedy for ear related problems. Heat some salt in heavy bottom pan or in oven. Keep this hot salt on soft cotton cloth and tie a knot. Now take hot compress on the painful area for 10 minutes. Repeat this remedy many times in a day. This is the best medicine for ear pain in children. The warmth of the salt will help to reduce the pain and the swelling effectively. Instead of salt you can also use hot rice for compress. This is the medicine for ear pain and infection too.

Ear pain home remedies in tamil treatment using Garlic: The antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties of garlic make it useful in the treatment of ear pain and infection. Use this in ear pain in adults. Crush two cloves of garlic and mix with sesame oil. Heat the oil until the garlic changes its color. Sieve the oil and when it will cool down a bit, use it as ear drops. Put 3-4 drops in the painful ear. It will not only reduce the swelling and pain but also prevent the infection. Along with this remedy, chewing the raw garlic pods can also help to reduce the infection quickly.

Ear pain remedies in Tamil marunthu using Basils: Basils are used for ear pain from ancient time. This is the best medicine for ear pain due to cold. It medicinal properties of basil reduce the pain and inflammation easily. Grind the leaves of basil and squeeze the extracts. Apply this juice extracts on the surrounding area of the painful ear. This therapy will give you relief from pain easily. You can add few drops of basil leaves extract in coconut oil and apply the mixture in the inner and outer part of the ear with cotton ball. If the pain is more, then repeat this therapy two to three times a day.

Natural ear pain relief using Apple cider vinegar: Mix apple cider vinegar in equal quantity of water. Dip a cotton ball in the mixture and keep it in ear as ear plug for some minutes. After removing the cotton allow the liquid to come out from the ear. Apple cider vinegar will help to reduce the fungal infection of the ear effectively.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tamil medicine for dandruff Home remedy treatment

This is Tamil medicine for dandruff home remedy treatment. The beauty problems like acne and pimples, hair fall, itchy scalp and many other are related with dandruff. Dandruff is nothing but flaking of dead cells from the scalp. Many shampoos and oils are available in the market to treat dandruff but this problem can be solved with simple dandruff solutions in Tamil.

Tamil home remedies for dandruffThe well known remedy from many years for dandruff treatment is use of curd. Mix black pepper powder in fresh curd and mix it thoroughly. Apply this mixture on the scalp area and rub with finger tips. Leave it for one hour and then wash it off with mild shampoo. Repeat this therapy every week to get best result.

Tamil tips for dandruffWhen you are giving coconut oil massage to your scalp, add few drops of fresh lemon juice in the oil. This will solve your dandruff problem easily.

Beauty tips in Tamil for dandruffThe main thing you need to remember is dandruff occurs due to dryness of the scalp. It is necessary to give hot oil massage to your scalp regularly. You may use olive oil or almond oil instead of coconut oil.

How to avoid dandruff in Tamil treatmentGenerally the eggs are used for conditioning the hair and to make them strong. Eggs are also useful for the treatment of dandruff.

How to remove dandruff in Tamil medicineBaking soda is best remedy for cleansing scalp. Mix a very little amount of baking soda in shampoo and rinse the hair to get rid of dandruff effectively.

How to clear dandruff in Tamil maruthuvam: We all know that aloe Vera is useful for all types of skin problems. It is equally effective in cleaning dandruff from the scalp.

Hair dandruff Tamil therapy 

Apply the mixture of water and apple cider vinegar on the scalp to remove dead cells from the scalp and cure dandruff effectively

Mix fresh green apple juice in equal amount of water and apply the mixture evenly on the scalp. After half an hour wash the scalp with lukewarm water.

The very old remedy of reetha powder is very beneficial on dandruff problem. Make a smooth paste using reetha powder and water. Apply this paste on scalp and leave for one and half hour. Wash with lukewarm water.

Paste made with methi seeds and fresh curd is also equally effective in treating the problem of dandruff.

Make a paste of neem leaves and lemon juice and apply it on scalp. Leave it for an hour and then wash it off with warm water. The antiseptic properties of neem leaves will not only cure the dandruff problem but also remove the lice from your scalp.

If you are suffering from itchy scalp then paste of onion and garlic will prove effective in the treatment of itchy scalp as well as dandruff.

Very few people know that the asprin tablets are effective in the treatment of dandruff. Dissolve 1-2 asprin tablets in water and mix it with your regular shampoo.

Washing your scalp with this mixture will be helpful to solve the problem of dandruff.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tamil medicine for premature ejaculation

This is Tamil medicine for premature ejaculation. It is the common problem for 25% of males. Here are some tips to stop premature ejaculation problem.
How to avoid premature ejaculation in Tamil

  • Thaneervittan kilangu benefits in premature ejaculation treatment Tamil: Thaneervittan kilangu is called Asparagus. It is having many health uses. Asparagus is the source of minerals and vitamins especially rich in vitamin E which s improves the endocrine function in male.
  • Eating boiled eggs improve hormonal function because it is also rich in vitamin E.
  • Eating carrots and dark chocoklates regularly is premature ejaculation cure in Tamil medicine.  L-Arginine Hcl improves blood flow and regulates the hormonal function.
  • Adding oats regularly in your diet can improve the secretion of testosterone hormone.
  • Ashwagandha herbal medicine is used in premature ejaculation ayurvedic medicine therapy.
  • Avocados  are called vennai pazham in Tamil and blue berries are used in premature ejaculation treatment in tamil ayurveda. The fuit is rich in multivitamins.
  • Eating banana and walnuts are the best tamil medicine for this problem. Tahe enzyme bromelain is rich in banana.
  • Eating germinated grains and Cereals and almonds rich in thiamine and niacin help to cure this problem.
  • Eat more mushrooms, coriander leaves, onion, and garlic recipes.
  • Premature ejaculation and yoga: Do some yoga asanas

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Athimadhuram medicinal uses healing properties Tamil therapy

This is an article of Athimadhuram medicinal uses healing properties tamil therapy  to know about the great medicinal herb Licorice, called Athimadhuram in Tamil. Athimadhuram root is having great medicinal value to cure diseases like stomach, skin and beauty related problems. The holy plant is used in ayurveda to prepare the medicine called Athimadhuram churnam, the price is also not high. There is no side effect to have this but medical advice is needed if you have any other serious health issues.

How to use Athimadhuram for skin? Take ten tender neem leaves, make a fine paste. Take 1tsp of licquorice powder mix it with neem paste and apply for your skin to remove all your skin infections.  

Athimadhuram for hair growth: Add a bunch of dried curry leaves, 3 dried hibiscus flower and 1tsp Athimadhuram powder in warm coconut oil. Apply this oil for hair and scalp massage weekly twice to induce hair growth. This is also effective for gray hair problem.

Uses of Athimadhuram powder in stomach related problems: Licorice

Tea is best to treat indigestion and gastric problems. Take ¼ tsp of Athimadhuram with milk (cold) to cure acidity problem,  but it is not advised to take during pregnancy.  

Athimadhuram for babies: Athimadhuram herbal jucie called kashyam . Take Athimadhuram 2 small pieces(powdered), pepper powder a pinch, jeera powder pinch, ginger juice ½ tsp. Take a cup of milk or  water, add the above ingredients, let it to become half and give this to babies  (15ml)  two times a day.

Athimadhuram for face glow: You can use this herb Athimadhuram for beauty purpose too. Take 1/2tsp of turmeric powder, 1/2tsp Athimadhuram powder. Mix it by adding rose water, apply this past daily leaveitfor15 minutes and wash your face in cold water.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kudampuli benefits in Tamil medicine weight loss and health values

This is Kudampuli benefits in Tamil medicine weight loss and health values. Kudampuli is a fruit about which very people have knowledge. It health benefits are mentioned in Ayurveda and siddha medicine. Considering its nutritional fact the fruit is dried and used in several recipes and curries of Kerala cuisine. You should take doctors advice to take kudampuli during pregnancy to avoid side effects.  The dried form of the fruit  and its powder is available in the market easily. The fruit originates from Indonesia. Here are some benefits and uses of the amazing fruit of Kudampuli.

How to use kudampuli for weight loss
  • The regular usage of this fruit helps us to reduce weight efficiently. Kudampuli and kollu are good for weight loss and to reduce cholesterol. It is also available in tablet form in ayurveda medicine.
  • Kudampuli is a yellow-green fruit much like pumpkin in appearance. The fruit is also known as Garcinia Cambodia, Malabar tamarind, brindleberry or Gummi Gutta. The ayurvedic medicinal therapy is taking advantage of the medicinal properties of Kudampuli. Generally this fruit is used for its anti-colic properties.
  • The health problems like rheumatism, piles and bilious affectations can be cured with the help of kudampuli drink. Apart from the other health benefits, the kudampuli is mainly beneficial for the weight loss program.
  • The fruit juice or extract also supports the digestive process. The decoction is make with this fruit is beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and uterine diseases.
  • The medicinal properties of kudampuli suppress the unnecessary hunger which is the main cause for excessive weight gain. The fruit makes you feel full for the complete day and thus uses the stored fat in your body for energy gain.
  • The consumption of the fruit directly or  kudampuli rasam is beneficial for the improvement of metabolism. Those who are suffering from diabetes can take advantage of Kudampuli fruit as it helps to control the blood sugar level effectively.
  • As it reduces the appetite, naturally the level of carbohydrates taken by the body decreases and blood sugar levels are well maintained. Thus indirectly the consumption of Kudampuli helps to reduce blood sugar level effectively.
  •  It also reduces the restoring of the extra fats in the body. The natural ingredients of the fruit help to block the enzyme-citrate lyase that helps the carbohydrates to convert into fats and sugar.
  • The main cause of indigestion and acidity is imbalance of bowel moments. The regular consumption of Kudampuli regulates the digestive system effectively. Studies have also proved that the fruit extracts can be helpful in prevention of the growth of ulcers.
  • If you are getting benefits by using this fruit, kindly give your  Kudampuli review for other benefits in the comment section.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Tamil medicine for rheumatoid arthritis

This is Tamil medicine for rheumatoid arthritis.  tamil name for rheumatoid arthritis is madakku vatham.  Instead of taking heavy medicines and injections, many people prefer Ayurvedic medicine for  rheumatoid arthritis or Herbal medicine for  rheumatoid arthritis.  Here are some of the extremely effective therapies to reduce the pain of arthritis instantly.

 Tamil treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
 Tamil Medicine for rheumatoid arthritis pain using water therapy
It is the easiest and most relaxing way to get relaxation in arthritis effectively. The water therapy can be adopted by anyone easily at home. The treatment suggests immersion of the hurting joint in tepid water for an hour. The temperature of water should not exceed than the normal human body temperature. Adding a little amount of rock salt in the water can give relaxation to the joints and muscles and reduce the swelling as well.

Ayurvedic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis using Ginger:
The anti-inflammation qualities of ginger make it useful in the treatment of arthritis. The patients are advised to add ginger in their daily food to have greater effects. Regular usage of ginger can lead to reduction of joint pain and it gives other health benefits also. Add ginger juice in warm milk along with turmeric powder and consume it daily before going to bed, it can give much relief in arthritis

Herbal medicine for rheumatoid arthritis using Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera can also reduce the inflammation and pain of joints in arthritis. The aloe Vera juice is considered as natural immunity builder and energy booster. It has the medicinal values which can repair the internal damage of the body.

Tamil treatment for rheumatoid arthritis using Green gram and garlic clove:
Those who are suffering of throbbing pain in arthritis can try this simple yet effective remedy by using garlic cloves and green gram. Take 5 tbsp of green gram and soak it in water for overnight. Morning add paste of 3 garlic cloves in the sprouted gram and mix properly. Eat this mixture morning and evening. For better taste you can add a pinch of salt and black pepper powder on it. Regular consumption can reduce the pain effectively.

Tamil home remedy using Eucalyptus oil:
This remedy is used for joint pain from many years. Take a little quantity of eucalyptus oil and make it warm. Now apply the thin coat of oil on joints where you feel the pain. Cover the portion with plastic so that the oil will remain on the place. Now dip a towel in hot water and give steam on the joints many times. This is the most effective remedy to minimize the joint pain in arthritis.

Tamil muttu vali maruthuvam using kothamalli leaves
kothamalli leaves or celery is also one of the most effective plants for arthritis. The seeds and the other parts of the plant are loaded with anti inflammatory properties which can be useful to treat the condition. The plant is very rich in Potassium. Consumption of the plant regularly can reduce the potassium deficiency in the body which can be the root reason of arthritis.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Tamil medicine for sinus treatment

This is about Tamil medicine for sinus. Sinus treatment in Tamil medicine is very effective. Sometimes because of pollution or viral infection or allergy, out nasal passage gets swelling around the area and it prevents the stream of mucus and air through the passage. Sinus treatment in Tamil is completely nature.  There are many side effects of sinusitis and with the help of some Tamil siddha medicine for sinus home remedies you can get relief from the condition

Ayurvedic medicine for sinus using Ginger
It is considered as one of the best home remedies for treating sinus infection. The remedy is being used from ancient period for many other health ailments also. Very few know that the ginger is loaded with many beneficial components such as Gingerols, Shogaols, volatile oils and pungent phenols. These properties are beneficial for regulating and maintaining normal functioning of respiratory tract.

Thus ginger is valuable remedy if you have any type of breathing problem or congestion in sinus. Tea prepared by the combination of Tulsi, ginger and clove is the best Medicines for sinus headache. Let us see how we can make use of ginger for sinus infection. 

Make a hot ginger tea by adding boiling water on grated ginger pieces and leave it for some time. Now filter the mixture and add a spoon of honey in it. The combination of honey and ginger extract can cure nasal congestion and itching in throat also.

Squeeze out the extract out of crushed ginger. Consume this fresh ginger juice in the morning and in the evening to get relief from blockage due to sinus and also from common cold.

Make a ginger tea by pouring hot water on crushed ginger and after cooling a bit, dip a napkin in that warm ginger water. Take the napkin out, squeeze it and spread it on your face. Do deep breathing. Repeat the same step until the water gets cold. This remedy can give you quick relief from congestion.

Tamil Natural medicine for sinus using Garlic
The antibiotic properties of garlic make it useful to heal many health problems. Raw garlic pods can work amazingly as it contains allicin which is useful for treating sinus infection effectively. Take a look how we can make use of garlic for the infection

Steep 5-6 garlic pods in water for some time. Now make a paste of these garlic pods. Bring this paste close to nose and breathe deeply. Repeat it until you get relief from nasal congestion. It can release the mucus and give you comfort in sinus problem

Crush 3 pods of garlic and just gulp it with water. You can even make a paste of garlic pods and add honey in it. Consume it before taking meals. For some tasty option you can grind garlic cloves along with tomatoes, mix lemon juice and salt in it and consume it. Add garlic in your regular food intake.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Agathi keerai and its benefits in Tamil medicine treatment

This is agathi keerai and its benefits in Tamil medicine treatment. Agathi is a plant found commonly in many backyards. This plant is loaded with many medicinal properties. It can be taken as the recipes like agathi keerai kootu, poriyal, kuzhambu etc. This leaves can improve the iron during pregnancy. With the help of this article let’s try to understand some of agathi keerai medicinal values.

Agathi keerai medicinal uses
  • Women linked problems like white discharge, stinky vaginal discharge, heat in body can be cured with the help of agathi keerai. Mix agathi keerai in milk and take a boil, after bringing it to room temperature, make a curd of this milk. The buttermilk made by this curd is very beneficial for reducing these above mentioned problems
  • The tea made with agathi keerai plant leaves is considered to have antibiotic, antitumor and contraceptive properties.
  • The leaves paste applied on sprain and contusions can cure it quickly. The antipyretic properties of the bark of the tree are a very good remedy for gastric trouble, diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The bark extraction is recommended for the patients of diabetes and also for the treatment of fever.
  • Those who have problem of weak vision are advised to put flower extracts of the plant in the eyes. The leaves extracts of the plant are useful for treatment of night blindness of cattle.
  • The roots of the plants are used to cure malaria. The plant carries medicinal properties which can reduce inflammation, bacterial infectivity and tumors.
  • The paste made with the leaves of the plant is used for rheumatism. Clogging due to sinus can be trim down by using flower extracts of the plant.
  • The plant is considered best for controlling kapha and Pitta. The plant extracts are used as a natural laxative. And it also helps for digestion.
  • It is also used as a very good ancient remedy for small pox. The fluid extracted from the flower of the agathi plant is helpful for reducing headache, blocked nose and head clogging. This liquid used to clear nasal passage effectively.
  • The powder of the dried roots of agathi is used to rub on rheumatic inflammation. Common swellings of the body parts can also be cured with the paste of root powder.  The paste of the leaves is applied on sprain.
  • The leaf extracts are used to clean mouth to maintain oral health and to cure sore throat. The crushed bark is used for the treatment of scabies and also for the mouth ulcers. The plant leaves are chewed for mouth and throat infection.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kai Vaithiyam Tamil nadu Medicine for Treatment

This is the information on Tamil medicine and treatment popularly called Tamilnadu kai vaithiyam.
Fever Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: increase of body temperature in fever can be reduced by taking bath with lukewarm water. It gives you relaxation and brings down your body temperature. Keep yourself hydrate. Drink lots of water and prefer liquid diet. Take maximum rest in cool and calm room with minimum clothes on your body. Herbal tea can also give your relaxing effect in fever condition.

Cold and cough Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: One of the easiest home remedies available at home is turmeric. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of turmeric can fight against the infection of cough and cold. Add turmeric powder in warm milk and sip it before going to bed. Make a thick paste of ginger juice, black pepper powder, honey and turmeric. You can make small pills of this mixture and keep it in your mouth to get soothing effect from cough and cold. Drink warm water four to five times a day.

Dysentery in babies Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: mix ginger powder with honey and give the mixture to the baby after every few hours. This will help to control dysentery. To avoid dehydration due to dysentery, feed the baby with pomegranate juice after every one hour, pomegranate can also control dysentery. Give yogurt or buttermilk to baby as it can prove helpful for the baby to improve digestion and control dysentery.

Constipation Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: the first thing you need to do is drink lots of water. Water can prevent dehydration and give relief from constipation. Mix honey and lemon juice in warm water and consume every morning on empty stomach to get rid of constipation within few days. Dry roast fennel seeds and make a powder in grinder. Daily eat 1 spoon of this powder along with warm water for better digestion and relief from constipation.

Dandruff Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: Take few neem leaves and boil them in water. filter and store this water. use neem extract water to wash your scalp twice a week. This remedy can not only reduce dandruff but also prevents the hair fall. Mix apple cider vinegar in water and apply the mixture on your scalp. Wash after 10 minutes with lukewarm water to get rid of dandruff problem

Headache Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: rest yourself in calm and dark room for relaxation. Apply peppermint oil on your forehead and temples to get soothing effect. Chew ginger and drink cold water to get relaxation in headache.

Throat infection Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: lemon extracts and honey mixed in warm water can prove useful to treat throat infection. Gargling with warm water with salt can also be beneficial. Mix cinnamon powder and black pepper powder in warm water and sip it three to four times a day.

Piles Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine:  Consume fresh radish juice every morning and night to get relief from piles. Figs work very well on piles. Soak 2-3 figs in water for overnight and morning drink that water on empty stomach. Boil one banana in milk and mash it in milk, consume it twice or thrice a day.

Stomach pain Kai vaithiyam Tamil medicine: add some cumin seeds in water and boil it. After cooling drink this water daily. Mix baking soda in a glass of water and sip it for the stomach pain due to gastric. Consume little amount of ajwain seeds to get rid of stomach pain

 Sinus Tamil medicine: drink lot of water. Take a steam of hot water by adding little amount of eucalyptus oil in it. Add few tulsi leaves in water, boil it and take a steam. Eat fresh garlic cloves to get relief from sinus

 Dry cough nattu vaithiyam : add fresh turmeric powder in honey and consume three to four times a day. Chew raw ginger piece to get relief from dry cough. You can also consume ginger juice with honey12. Gas problem: make a warm tea using ginger and lemon juice. Add a spoonful of honey and sip it for gas trouble. Eat pumpkin in your daily diet. It can work effectively on gas problem

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tamil medicine vasambu uses medicinal properties and benefits

Vasambu Tamil 
This is Vasambu (Tamil name) or acorus calamus is a medicinal plant which is generally found near water areas like near lakes, ponds or water streams. The plant is also known as Sweet Flag. The plant is available in India plentifully and Indians use it as a home remedy for various health problems. The health benefits are more. It is used for cough, cold,  hair dandruff removal, lice, loose motion, and skin infection. It is used to treat nausea in babies. Use very little at the initial stage, if it cause any side effects stop using. It is a dried plant part so rich in fibre and best for constipation problem too.
Is vasambu good for babies?  In ancient days people put vasambu like bangle on babies hand to inhale the smell of vasambu but it is not advanced for newborn baby.

Vasambu medicinal value
 The root of the vasambu is loaded with amazing medicinal properties. It is mainly used in problems related with digestion. In India the roots of this plant are used in a dried form.
vasambu and honey:  The dry roots of vasambu are generally chewed directly. The taste of this root is bitter but it is famous for its various medicinal properties. Because of its bitter taste the roots are given to children by making paste and mixing with honey. The roots of the plant can be used for many years as the medicinal properties remain same after many years also.

vasambu for loose motion and epilepsy:  The root extracts of the plant are useful in treatment of diarrhea and loose motions.  Ayurveda medicinal therapy uses the extracts of this plant or powder for treating many types of mental health problems and even for the treatment of epilepsy.

Vasambu uses for babies:  If the infants are suffering from stomach pain, vasambu is used to treat them without any side effects. The small dose of the plant extract can give relief for the baby from the stomach pain. The dry roots of the plant are crushed into paste and a small amount of paste is mixed with honey to give for infants. This remedy is famous from many years to treat stomach pain in babies.

Vasambu for insects and stomach worms:  The medicinal properties of vasambu help to relieve gases from stomach. It also works amazingly on intestinal worms. It is useful to reduce stomach pain due to gastric problem.  Vasambu root paste along with honey is considered as best treatment for infants to control their body heat and also to regulate bowel movements.

 It is believed that vasambu paste along with honey can improve the voice of children.  It is given to kids to improve their memory and intelligence.   Kids who are suffering from diarrhea can take benefits from roots of vasambu plant.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tamil medicine for weight gain

This is Tamil medicine for weight gain. It is not so easy to gain weight within few months but here are some useful tips which can help you to gain weight easily. The first and the most important thing is that you need to decide how much weight you want to increase, setting a target will help you to workout accordingly.

Tamil tips for weight gain

 Eat plenty of food you like, just let it be healthy! Increase your food intake. You may find it difficult initially but slowly and surely you will be habitual with this food habit. Extra eating is necessary for weight gain. You need to gain at least 1 kg per week. Include the food items in your diet which can help you to increase weight.

Food rich with proteins, carbohydrates and fats should be included in your regular diet. Proteins are muscles builders and carbohydrates are useful for achieving extra weight. Along with lots of healthy food intake, drink plenty of water to keep your body fit and healthy.

When the food is important for weight gain, Exercise is must for weight gain and body fitness. Stretching exercises and some kind of muscles exercises can prove helpful. Correct exercise can make the bones and muscles strong and healthy. Take sufficient rest after exercise for body and muscles relaxation.

You need to take at least 8 to 9 hours sleep which can build your muscles. Insufficient sleep can slow down the effect of diet and exercise. Never follow the cardio exercises like running, swimming, cycling or jogging which are useful for losing weight.

Fasting or starvation should be avoided strictly when you wish to increase weight. Here is a list of food which can be helpful for you to gain weight:

1. Bananas: One of the best patti vaithiyam for weight gain in tamil is eating banana.  Bananas carry huge amount of calories. It gives required amount of carbohydrates and nutrition which is necessary to gain weight.

2. Fruits: fruits and fruit juices provide lots of nutrients to the body as it contains natural sugar. So eat plenty of fresh fruits if you want to increase weight.

3. Easy and fast working tamil weight increase tips are eating milk products. Butter, cheese and other milk products carry lots of proteins, calcium and fat. Regular consumption of these items can help to gain weight quickly.

4. Eggs and chicken: Eggs are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. It is a very good source of good cholesterol and lots of calories for the body helping to increase weight.

5. Eat plenty of dry fruits as they supply good amount of proteins and calories useful to gain weight.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Mudakathan keerai benefits in Tamil medicinal uses

This is to share mudakathan keerai benefits in tamil medicinal uses. Very few people know about the medicinal uses of mudakathan keerai. This plant is scientifically called Cardiospermum halicacabum and is widely known as Balloon vine available in village side. If you are living in big cities like Chennai, you can get this podi (powder) in nattu marunthud shops. The leaves, roots, seeds and the baby leaves of the plants are used for medicinal purposes. The plant is used for gastric problem, it is used as a mild laxative, and it also works as an effective anti-inflammatory. People take mudakathan keerai dosai and soup, juice, sambar, kootu, masiyal recipe often to get its nutrition health benefit.

Mudakathan keerai for joint pain and ear pain: The oil is extracted from the leaves of mudakathan keerai plant. This oil is used externally for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. The anti inflammatory properties of the plant help to reduce the pain and inflammation the body.
The oil is also used to get relief from ear pain. You can also use juice of mudakathan keerai leaves to treat the condition of purulent discharge from the ears.
The roots of this plant are very effective for the patients of hemorrhoids. The roots are boiled in water to get the decoction. Patients are advised to consume the decoction for benefits.
The leaves of the plant are ground to make a paste. This paste is applied evenly on the lower abdomen of the newly delivered women. This application helps to remove all the waste products saturated in uterus.

Mudakathan keerai  for constipation: In some health conditions, the complete plant of mudakathan keerai is used to treat patients. The decoction made with the help of complete plant is useful for the trouble of constipation or other stomach problems like stomach pain.

Mudakathan keerai as pain killer: Patients are advised to consume 10 to 30 ml (depending upon the age) of the decoction to get desired results. The serious conditions like Hydrocele also can be cured with the help of leaves paste of mudakathan keerai plant. This paste is applied over the scrotum area of the patient. In case of painful condition, the leaves of the plant are boiled in castor oil first and then crushed into a paste.

Mudakathan keerai leaf for podugu : The leaves of the plants are useful for dandruff/podugu  treatment also. Leaves are soaked into water for 6 hours and then this water is used for cleaning the hair. The oil extracts of the leaves are mixed with gingili oil is used for treatment of dandruff and promoting healthy hair growth.