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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Allergy

Tamil Medicine for Allergy
This is the post about tamil medicine for allergy. There are different types of treatments available allergy. Most common type of allergy is skin allergy, which is common for children to old age people. People usually call dust allergy in tamil as ovvamai.

Honey Tamil Medicine: Honey is the best Tamil medicine for skin allergy. Unprocessed, raw honey is very much beneficial to prevent any type of allergic condition. Regular consumption of 1 or 2 teaspoons of raw honey is one of the best remedies to cure allergies.

Nettle leaf Tamil Medicine: A nettle leaf is another natural remedy to prevent allergic condition. Capsules made of dried nettle leaves are the best option to deal with allergies. The herbal tea made with nettle leaves and some other herbs is also beneficial to get soothing relief from allergies.

Eucalyptus oil Tamil Medicine: This oil place effective role in skin allergy treatment in tamil maruthuvam. Strong aroma of eucalyptus oil can help to fight against many types of allergies. Eucalyptus leaves contain high amount of anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. The leaves and the extracts of eucalyptus tree can be beneficial in respiratory allergies and even sinus.

Tea Tamil Medicine: if you are habitual to get nose block during monsoon season then hot cup of tea can be useful to you. Inhale the steam of hot peppermint tea and it will definitely work as a decongestant. It will surely remove your nose blockage and soothe your throat quickly.

Turmeric Tamil Medicine: anti-bacterial properties of turmeric help to keep the allergies away in all seasons. It is advised to use turmeric when you are cooking regular food. Gargling with turmeric mixed in hot water can give relief to irritation in the throat. Turmeric mixed with milk is beneficial to cure cough and cold.

Rose-hips Tamil Medicine: the dark red or purple fruit of rose plant is known as rosehips. This fruit is rich in vitamin C which helps to build the immunity system and keeps away the allergies and health problems. The herbal tea made with rosehips and hibiscus is very beneficial to keep the body healthy.

Peppermint Tamil Medicine: to remove the nose blockage, the steam of peppermint tea is useful. Mint oil is also helpful in controlling many types of allergies.

Ginger Tamil Medicine: this herb has natural medicinal values which can be beneficial in fighting against many forms of allergies because of its antimicrobial properties. It controls the production of histamine and thus treats the root cause of allergies.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Constipation Treatment

Tamil Medicine for Constipation 
This is Tamil medicine for constipation treatment problem. Tamil meaning of constipation is mazha sikkal. Piles disease leads to chronic constipation. Chronic constipation meaning in tamil is moolam. Continuous constipation problem leads to piles.  
Moolam disease Tamil Remedy: Enema cane natural remedy is more effective.

Tamil Remedy for Constipation Problem 
  • Drink more and more water to save your body from dehydration which results in constipation.
  • Food which contains fibre is helpful for digestion and also reduces the problem of constipation. So include fibre intake in your daily diet.
  • Apple is very much beneficial in helping constipation. Apple or apple juice is advised to fight against constipation.
  • Daily morning and evening eat ripe banana. Ripe bananas are very beneficial in treating constipation.  
  • Warm water with lemon juice gives instant relief in constipation if consumed morning before eating anything.
  • The Caffeine present in a hot cup of coffee is helpful in relieving constipation if consumed not more than one cup.

Tamil Home Remedy for Constipation Problem
  • Black raisins can give relief in constipation if eaten at night time before going to bed.
  • Flax seeds are the best solution for constipation treatment at home.
  • Doctors even advice to consume 1 tsp of castor oil regularly to get remedy in constipation,
  • Dried figs work magically in treatment of constipation
  • A bowlful of Oats also help in handling the problem of constipation
  • Honey also works as laxative so warm water with honey will help you to relieve constipation.

Best Tamil Vaithiyam for Constipation
  • Sesame seeds are beneficial in reducing the problem of constipation as they help to digest and soften the food intake in intestine.
  • Vegetable oil can help in controlling the problem of constipation. The weight cautious people cut off the oil and butter from their diet and face the problem of constipation. It is necessary to use at least 2 tsp vegetable oil in your daily diet.   
  • Leafy vegetables like spinach are known as the exact remedy to treat constipation. Spinach juice can work instantly on constipation.
  • The fruits like guava have plenty of fibre content, which is very much beneficial in treating constipation. Oranges are also rich source of vitamin C and fibre which can give much benefit in treating constipation.

Constipation Treatment in Tamil Medicine

Amla juice also helps to relieve constipation and regulates digestion.
  • Add the spices like jeera and ajwain to your regular diet which can be helpful in digestion and relieves constipation.
  • Aloe vera juice is equally beneficial in treating the trouble of constipation if consumed regularly.
  • Mix baking soda in warm water and consume it to get rid of constipation.
  • Consumption of fresh curd in regular basis can be very much useful in treating constipation.
  • A glass of warm milk with honey can give quick relief in constipation.
  • Boil some tulsi leaves and mint leaves in water and consume this water for quick relief in constipation.
  • Along with these intakes, regular exercise can be beneficial in treating the problem of constipation.