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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Sore Throat

Tamil medicine for sore Throat
This is the details of Tamil medicine for sore throat. Sore throat and cold are the common ailments which give indication of approaching diseases like flu and other infections. The main cause for sore throat as well as cold is allergies and pollution. There are many sore throat remedy in Tamil medicine. Headache, itchy throat, cough, nose blockage are some of the common symptoms of these throat infection Tamil.  

Throat Infection Home Remedy in Tamil
Following are some of the easy remedies to cure sore throat:
One of the best throat pain  Tamil medicine  is Gargling with warm salt water. It is the cheapest and the best home remedy to cure itching and inflammation in throat.
1.   Mix honey and lemon juice in warm water and sip the mixture thrice a day. Honey mixed water gives soothing relief to your itchy throat and cut off the symptoms of cough. This remedy is more useful during night time.
2.   Licorice or Sweet root is an effective remedy to deal with sore throat. Mix licorice in warm water and gargle with the mixture two to three times a day to reduce the irritation in throat effectively.
3.   Apple cider vinegar is a useful liquid not only builds the immunity system but also fights the bacterial infection which is a root cause of sore throat. Mix it with warm water and sip it or gargle to get quick relief.
4.   Chicken soup or vegetable soup is the tasty remedy to cure sore throat. These soups are helpful in treating many types of respiratory problems.
5.   Kollu rasam (soup Tamil meaning) is the best remedy for throat pain.
6.   Chewing a garlic clove gives soothing effect in sore throat. You can even inhale the freshly cut garlic clove to get quick relief from blocked nose passage and sore throat.
7.   Cup of hot herbal tea or hot lemonade reduces the throat infection and cures the sore throat.
8.   Taking steam with eucalyptus oil mixed in hot water is also helpful in treating sore throat.
9.   Studies have proven that peppermint oil contains menthol which works best on sore throat or itchiness in throat. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Cold Nattu Marundhu

Tamil Medicine for Cold
This is the information of Tamil medicine for cold nattu marundhu. Cold is the common problems from small kids to adult people. The affect of cold and cough is more in rainy and winter season than in hot summer. There are some natural medicine for cold in tamil treatment which can be practiced at home easily. Warm betel leaf is a good remedy and best Tamil medicine for baby cold.

Tamil medicine for cold 
Now let’s take a look over some of the remedies to cure cold:
1.   The first thing is drink lots of fluid when you are suffering from common cold. It prevents dehydration in body and reduces inflammation in throat and nasal passage.
2.   Blow your nose on regular basis to take out the phlegm which can cause further infection.
3.   Common Tamil home medicine for cold s honey. Mix a tsp of honey in your hot herbal tea and sip it to release up blocked nose and the steam of the hot tea gives relief from headache also.
4.   Hot chicken soup helps to loosen up the stuffy nose and cure the infection of cold and cough.
5.   Herbal tea is the effective Siddha medicine for chest cold in tamil vaithiyam. Tulsi leaves kashayam is a fine tamil medicine for cold and cough.
6.   Make herbal tea along with ginger, onion, garlic, mint leaves and lemon. This hot tea can prove very beneficial in treating cold and the other related problems effectively.
7.   Best tamil medicine for cold is steaming. Hot water steam or vaporizers by using nochi leaves can be useful when the mucus turns thick. The steam not only loosens the mucus but also reduces the attack of cold.
8.   Use saline nasal drops to prevent dryness in nasal passage. These drops moist the nasal area and also fights the growth of infection. You can even rub few drops of sesame oil around your nostrils to make them moist.
9.   Vitamin C can be supportive to cure cold. It is advisable to intake the fruits which are rich in vitamin C.
10.                Keep your body warm and give proper rest in the condition to receive proper energy and immunity to fight against the illness.
11.                 Best Tamil vaithiyam for cold is kashayam and kollu rasam. Jeera kashayam for cold in tamil medicine is very effective. You can have Tamil kollu rasam for cold in alternative days.
12.                 Siddha medicine nattu marundhu for cold in tamil treatment is like by people for its nil side effect.