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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tamil Medicine for Weight Reduction Weight loss Treatment

Tamil Medicine for Weight Reduction
This is Tamil medicine for weight reduction, weight loss treatment. Tamil medicines and treatment available for both weight gain and weight loss. This is completely natural Tamil herbal medicine for weight loss. Food control along with regular exercise programs gives an excellent result.

Tamil weight loss tips
1. The best weight loss tamil medicine is honey. Mix honey in warm water and add few drops of fresh lemon juice in it. Consume it in the morning on empty stomach to reduce extra weight effectively.
2. Mix extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice in warm water and consume it on empty stomach to reduce weight. Olive oil can detoxify our body and controls the appetite to help weight reduction.
3. Cinnamon can control our huger effectively. It can increase body metabolism and burns extra calories. Thus it can be beneficial in controlling body weight.
4. Ginger can regulate the digestion and increase metabolism which can be useful in cutting off extra weight.
5. Add few drops of freshly cut lemon in herbal tea. This can detoxify your body. Increase metabolism, regulate digestion and thus reduce weight rapidly.
6. Black pepper helps to burn body fats. It supports urination and sweating and thus throws out toxins and extra water from your body. Black pepper can effectively reduce weight in short period.
7. Garlic can keep our hunger under control and it can also improve our metabolism. Consumption of garlic can reduce our weight effectively.
8. Reduce salt from your regular diet as excess salt can help to gain weight.
9. Drink at least 8 glasses per day as it helps to keep your weight under control.
10. Eat lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables to keep your body slim and fit.
11. Aloe vera is one of the best Tamil weight loss food.  Aloe vera juice can detoxify our body and regulate our digestion. This it can reduce our weight within few months.
12. Curry leaves can be helpful to reduce fat deposition in the body. And thus it can reduce weight. Chew a handful of curry leaves daily or add them in your regular diet.
13. Chew few cardamoms daily as it boost the metabolism rate in body and helps to reduce weight.
14. Turmeric can prevent the formation of fat tissues in body and can help the weight reduction quickly.
15. Fenugreek seeds can be effective in quick weight loss. Soak few fenugreek seeds in water overnight and chew them in the morning, this remedy can also control blood glucose level.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pirandai Medicinal Benefits and Uses

Pirandai Medicinal Benefits and Uses 
Pirandai herbal plant, it grows almost al parts of temperate areas.This is the information on Pirandai Medicinal uses Benefits and health value. Tamil ayurvedha and siddha treatment use pirandai for medicines preparation. It is popularly called pirandai keerai.
pirandai botanical name: Cissus quadrangularis
The main dishes prepared in villages are pirandai chutney recipe, oorugai, (pickle), pirandai kulambu, rasam soup and pirandai dosa (dosai)but you should follow proper cleaning method before doing this.  

1.    Pirandai nutritional value is very high. The major use of this medicinal extract pirandai oil is to treat broken bones. The use of this medicine shows faster development in recovery in broken or fractured bone condition. Pirandai is also uses for weight loss treatment.
 2. The extracts of hadjod or cissus quadrangular are very useful in weight reduction. This ayurvedic medicine helps to reduce the appetite. People who are troubled with obesity can try this remedy to cut down extra kilos effectively. This herb regulates the metabolism rate in body.
 3. Pirandai podi is equally effective in reducing blood sugar level in body. It also stimulates the insulin production, thus it is used to treat diabetes.
 4. Those who are suffering from high cholesterol can take help of hadjod to reduce harmful cholesterol level.
 5. Many types of stomach infections including indigestion and stomach ulcer can be treated with the help of hadjod. You can also use The fiber rich pirandai for piles problem.
 6. Ladies who are facing menstrual problems like cramps; irregular periods can take benefit of hadjod to fight against the problem. It can also cure the discomfort related to menopause.
 7. This amazing medicinal plant can reduce the risk of heart diseases. It regulates the heart functioning and reduces weight which is the main cause of heart attack.
8. Cissus quadrangular is rich in vitamin C, which is useful in reducing inflammation effectively. It is considered as a natural pain reliever as it deals with the problems like swelling and paining in various body parts.
 9. Fresh juice extracted from the plant is very effective in treatment of Asthma. pirandai ayurveda medicine cure other respiratory problems effectively.
 10. It is a fantastic natural blood purifier thus it is used to treat blood disorders in health conditions like scurvy. You can eat pirandai appalam daily, it is delicious too.
 11. It is considered as general health tonic to get bone strength and energy. This medicinal plant is used in bodybuilding supplements.
 12. The extracts of hadjod herb are useful in treating age related problems like osteoporosis.
 13. This medicinal herb is also used to promote reproductive system.
 14. Hadjod juice is used to cure the condition of nose bleeding.
 15.Many types of skin diseases are cured. This plant is useful in relieving stress and many psychological problems.