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Friday, February 20, 2015

Tamil medicine vasambu uses medicinal properties and benefits

Vasambu Tamil 
This is Vasambu (Tamil name) or acorus calamus is a medicinal plant which is generally found near water areas like near lakes, ponds or water streams. The plant is also known as Sweet Flag. The plant is available in India plentifully and Indians use it as a home remedy for various health problems. The health benefits are more. It is used for cough, cold,  hair dandruff removal, lice, loose motion, and skin infection. It is used to treat nausea in babies. Use very little at the initial stage, if it cause any side effects stop using. It is a dried plant part so rich in fibre and best for constipation problem too.
Is vasambu good for babies?  In ancient days people put vasambu like bangle on babies hand to inhale the smell of vasambu but it is not advanced for newborn baby.

Vasambu medicinal value
 The root of the vasambu is loaded with amazing medicinal properties. It is mainly used in problems related with digestion. In India the roots of this plant are used in a dried form.
vasambu and honey:  The dry roots of vasambu are generally chewed directly. The taste of this root is bitter but it is famous for its various medicinal properties. Because of its bitter taste the roots are given to children by making paste and mixing with honey. The roots of the plant can be used for many years as the medicinal properties remain same after many years also.

vasambu for loose motion and epilepsy:  The root extracts of the plant are useful in treatment of diarrhea and loose motions.  Ayurveda medicinal therapy uses the extracts of this plant or powder for treating many types of mental health problems and even for the treatment of epilepsy.

Vasambu uses for babies:  If the infants are suffering from stomach pain, vasambu is used to treat them without any side effects. The small dose of the plant extract can give relief for the baby from the stomach pain. The dry roots of the plant are crushed into paste and a small amount of paste is mixed with honey to give for infants. This remedy is famous from many years to treat stomach pain in babies.

Vasambu for insects and stomach worms:  The medicinal properties of vasambu help to relieve gases from stomach. It also works amazingly on intestinal worms. It is useful to reduce stomach pain due to gastric problem.  Vasambu root paste along with honey is considered as best treatment for infants to control their body heat and also to regulate bowel movements.

 It is believed that vasambu paste along with honey can improve the voice of children.  It is given to kids to improve their memory and intelligence.   Kids who are suffering from diarrhea can take benefits from roots of vasambu plant.