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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nellikai medicinal properties and disease cure.

This is nellikai medicinal properties and disease cure. Indian gooseberry or amla is called as a Wonder Fruit. This fruit is famous worldwide for its medicinal properties. The amla fruit is very beneficial for various health ailments. Amla is specially used for the hair treatment. It is also beneficial for skin problems. Amla can be consumed raw, it can be taken in form of juice. Also amla pickle and chutney are available in the market for taste as well as health purpose. Here are some health benefits of Amla which makes the food very special in our day to day life:

Nellikai benefits for hair in Tamil: Amla oil is famous worldwide for its medicinal properties useful for healthy hair growth. It can also reduce hair fall and hair thinning. The use of amla powder can reduce the problem of grey hair, lice and dandruff within few days.

Nellikai for weight loss: If you wish to reduce weight quickly then amla is the best option for you. Amla helps to improve the body metabolism and helps the quick weight loss. Amla extracts can also improve our immunity effectively.

  • Amla fruit is loaded with Vitamin C. this is the reason why it is advised by the doctors to consume Nellikai  juice to provide vitamin C to the body.  Ayurveda use Nellikai for diabetes treatment
  • The amla fruit extracts can be used as natural laxative. Those who are having from the problem of constipation can take advantage of amla juice as a quick and sure remedy.
  • The patients of cough and cold can mix amla powder with honey and consume the mixture two to three times in a day to get rid of the problem.
  •  Gargling with amla juice along with warm water is the very good remedy for mouth ulcers and bad breathe.
  • Very few people know that the amla is very good remedy for joint pain and knee pain. The ayurveda medicinal therapy advises the consumption of amla juice to treat the problem.
  • The amla is loaded with anti inflammatory properties which can reduce the pain and swelling both. The consumption of raw amla or amla juice is beneficial
  • Those who are suffering from insomnia or sleeping disorder can be treated with the help of amla juice.
  • Amla is very advantageous for eyes as it is rich in vitamin C. The daily consumption of amla can help you to improve the vision effectively. It can also fight against the eye problems like redness in eyes, itching and dryness of eyes.
  • Amla powder or juice is helpful for smooth digestion and the related problems. It is also helpful to treat the diseases related to liver and bladder.
  • Amla extracts work as a natural blood purifier. It can wash out the harmful toxins from the body effectively.
  • Asthma and other respiratory problems can be treated with the help of amla extracts.
  • The studies have proved that the amla extracts can treat the cancer disease effectively.
  • The regular consumption of amla can reduce the bad cholesterol level from the body and supports the improvement of good cholesterol level efficiently. Thus it can keep you safe from the risk of heart attack.
  • Amla is a very good source of chromium that can reduce the blood glucose level effectively. Thus the regular consumption of amla is advised for the patients of diabetes.
  •  Signs of aging make you look dull and older. The amla powder along with milk or along with rose water can reduce the wrinkles and other signs of aging effectively.
  • The use of amla can make your skin young and soft. The face pack made with amla powder can remove the dead skin cells from the skin and give a natural glow on it.
  • If you are suffering from the problem of pimples due to oily skin then amla powder can be useful for you. It not only removes the excessive oil from the skin but also treats pimples effectively.