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Friday, June 5, 2015

Tamil medicine for sinus treatment

This is about Tamil medicine for sinus. Sinus treatment in Tamil medicine is very effective. Sometimes because of pollution or viral infection or allergy, out nasal passage gets swelling around the area and it prevents the stream of mucus and air through the passage. Sinus treatment in Tamil is completely nature.  There are many side effects of sinusitis and with the help of some Tamil siddha medicine for sinus home remedies you can get relief from the condition

Ayurvedic medicine for sinus using Ginger
It is considered as one of the best home remedies for treating sinus infection. The remedy is being used from ancient period for many other health ailments also. Very few know that the ginger is loaded with many beneficial components such as Gingerols, Shogaols, volatile oils and pungent phenols. These properties are beneficial for regulating and maintaining normal functioning of respiratory tract.

Thus ginger is valuable remedy if you have any type of breathing problem or congestion in sinus. Tea prepared by the combination of Tulsi, ginger and clove is the best Medicines for sinus headache. Let us see how we can make use of ginger for sinus infection. 

Make a hot ginger tea by adding boiling water on grated ginger pieces and leave it for some time. Now filter the mixture and add a spoon of honey in it. The combination of honey and ginger extract can cure nasal congestion and itching in throat also.

Squeeze out the extract out of crushed ginger. Consume this fresh ginger juice in the morning and in the evening to get relief from blockage due to sinus and also from common cold.

Make a ginger tea by pouring hot water on crushed ginger and after cooling a bit, dip a napkin in that warm ginger water. Take the napkin out, squeeze it and spread it on your face. Do deep breathing. Repeat the same step until the water gets cold. This remedy can give you quick relief from congestion.

Tamil Natural medicine for sinus using Garlic
The antibiotic properties of garlic make it useful to heal many health problems. Raw garlic pods can work amazingly as it contains allicin which is useful for treating sinus infection effectively. Take a look how we can make use of garlic for the infection

Steep 5-6 garlic pods in water for some time. Now make a paste of these garlic pods. Bring this paste close to nose and breathe deeply. Repeat it until you get relief from nasal congestion. It can release the mucus and give you comfort in sinus problem

Crush 3 pods of garlic and just gulp it with water. You can even make a paste of garlic pods and add honey in it. Consume it before taking meals. For some tasty option you can grind garlic cloves along with tomatoes, mix lemon juice and salt in it and consume it. Add garlic in your regular food intake.