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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tamil medicine for dengue fever treatment

This is Tamil medicine for dengue fever treatmentDengue fever is caused by dengue virus. The virus is spread through mosquito bites and thus the outbreak of the infection is more in monsoon season. The fever along with muscles pain and joint pain are the main symptoms of the disease. Dengue is not a contagious disease but it is transmitted through infected mosquitoes.

Dengue fever tamil medicine
The research is going on but still there is no particular vaccine found for dengue virus. Generally paracetamol tablets are suggested for the treatment of fever and it is observed that the fever subsides after taking appropriate rest and medicines. If the infection is severe then it can be dangerous in some cases. Papaya leaves and nilavembu are the natural herbal remedies to treat dengue effectively. Let’s take some information about them.

Nilavembu for Dengue fever treatment
Nilavembu herb is a small plant loaded with medicinal values. The herb contains analgesic, anti inflammatory and anti pyretic properties that make it useful in various health problems like fever, body pain etc. The herb extracts are especially used for the treatment of dengue fever. The siddha medicinal therapy has adopted the herb for the healing of dengue infection. The herb is easily found in India and Sri Lanka. The studies have proved that the herb can cure 64 different types of fevers classified by Siddha Medicinal therapy. The plant extracts can build immunity against viral fever and boosts the speedy recovery.

nilavembu can be prepared as nilavembu powder juice, nilavembu kudineer, nilavembu kashayam, nilavembu choornam, nilavembu capsules etc.
The juice made with the nila vembu herb along with papaya leaf extracts is very beneficial to control the dengue fever effectively. It is advised to consume the juice twice a day for the positive results quickly. As the nilavembu extracts can reduce the body temperature quickly, the herb is considered to be best option in any types of fever, especially dengue. The juice of the plant can also reduce the body pain, joint pain and it helps to improve immunity system of the body effectively.

Papaya leaf juice for dengue fever treatment
Along with nilavembu herb papaya leaf extract for dengue fever is also equally beneficial for the treatment of dengue fever and jaundice too. The research is done about the benefits of papaya juice and it has been proved that papaya leaf juice is very beneficial for overall health. It is proved that the papaya leaf can improve the body immunity system naturally and it can also fight against the deadly diseases like cancer. It helps to remove harmful toxins from the body also. The medicinal properties of papaya juice can fight against the malaria also. Recently it is proved that the leaf juice of papaya is very beneficial for the treatment of dengue fever.

Papaya leaves are loaded with enzymes like chymopapin and papain. These properties can regularize the functioning of liver and prevents the damage to the liver due to dengue fever. In this way it helps the person to get heal quickly from dengue infection. The leaves of the plant should be washed properly in the water and grind the leaves without adding water. After grinding the juice is extracted by squeezing the pulp.

How to use papaya leaves for dengue fever and papaya leaves for dengue dosage videos are available in you tube.
This juice should be taken two times a day to get benefits. The juice can be given to children also as it is completely free from side effects. The papaya juice is beneficial in the early stage of the dengue infection.The juice made with nilavembu extracts and papaya leaf juice can improve the platelet count in dengue infection. The papaya leaf extract can not only improve blood platelets count but also controls the destruction of platelets. You can mix the juice with fruit juice while consuming.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Karunjeeragam medicinal uses maruthuva payangal

This is Karunjeeragam medicinal uses maruthuva payangal. Karunjeeragam or Nigella Sativa is the black seeds that contain lots of medicinal values. The seeds are also known as black cumin or roman coriander. Here are some of the Nigella sativa health benefits karunjeeragam maruthuva payangal.
 Remedy for high blood pressure: It is proved that the extracts of black seeds can reduce the bad cholesterol level effectively and control blood pressure also.
tamil maruthuvam karunjeeragam Asthma treatment: The studies have proved that nigella sativa is loaded with anti-asthmatic effects. It is more effective than any other ordinary medicines.

Karunjeeragam for weight loss: Karunjeeragam oil is preferred for natural weight loss.

Karunjeeragam for irregular periods treatment: Take spoon of Nigella sativa add in a glass of boiling water, let it to reduce half the amount and drink three times a day.  

Treating sore throat: Those who are suffering from sore throat, throat infection or tonsillitis can take advantage of karunjeeragam extracts. It can also treat the throat inflammation effectively.

Psoriasis treatment: The inflammation or psoriasis can be reduced by using karunjeeragam powder. It can reduce the burning sensation and rashes remarkably. Protection of brain tissues: The seeds of Karunjeeragam contain the compound named thymoquinone that can protect brain tissues from radiation caused damage and stress.

Remedy for diabetes: The consumption of the black seeds can reduce the fasting glucose abd glycosylated hemoglobin from the body effectively. Thus it is considered as one of the very good remedies for type 2 diabetes.

Treating epilepsy: The seeds are famous for its anti convulsion properties. Those who are suffering from the epilepsy convulsions can take black seeds as very effective remedy.

Prevents damage from heart attack: Nigella sativa extracts are very effective against the damage caused by heart attack.

Treatment for colon cancer: It is proved that the nigella sativa seeds extracts can control the colon cancer growth without any remarkable side effects.
The seeds extracts can protect the kidney from getting damaged due to diabetes problem.

The thymoquinone extracts of nigella sativa can reduce the tumor growth in breast cancer and it can also reduce the cancer cells efficiently. It is also proved that the nigella sativa extracts can also control the growth of liver cancer effectively.

Anti-invasive and anti proliferative properties of nigella sativa can prove effective for the treatment of cervical cancer.

The growth of oral cancer cells can be controlled with the help of nigella sativa seeds extracts.

Black seeds are used to treat the problems related with menstruation. It is also consumed to increase breast milk in new mothers.

In some cases the paste of black seeds in applied on joints to reduce the pain and inflammation in rheumatism.