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Friday, August 21, 2015

Tamil medicine for rheumatoid arthritis

This is Tamil medicine for rheumatoid arthritis.  tamil name for rheumatoid arthritis is madakku vatham.  Instead of taking heavy medicines and injections, many people prefer Ayurvedic medicine for  rheumatoid arthritis or Herbal medicine for  rheumatoid arthritis.  Here are some of the extremely effective therapies to reduce the pain of arthritis instantly.

 Tamil treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
 Tamil Medicine for rheumatoid arthritis pain using water therapy
It is the easiest and most relaxing way to get relaxation in arthritis effectively. The water therapy can be adopted by anyone easily at home. The treatment suggests immersion of the hurting joint in tepid water for an hour. The temperature of water should not exceed than the normal human body temperature. Adding a little amount of rock salt in the water can give relaxation to the joints and muscles and reduce the swelling as well.

Ayurvedic medicine for rheumatoid arthritis using Ginger:
The anti-inflammation qualities of ginger make it useful in the treatment of arthritis. The patients are advised to add ginger in their daily food to have greater effects. Regular usage of ginger can lead to reduction of joint pain and it gives other health benefits also. Add ginger juice in warm milk along with turmeric powder and consume it daily before going to bed, it can give much relief in arthritis

Herbal medicine for rheumatoid arthritis using Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera can also reduce the inflammation and pain of joints in arthritis. The aloe Vera juice is considered as natural immunity builder and energy booster. It has the medicinal values which can repair the internal damage of the body.

Tamil treatment for rheumatoid arthritis using Green gram and garlic clove:
Those who are suffering of throbbing pain in arthritis can try this simple yet effective remedy by using garlic cloves and green gram. Take 5 tbsp of green gram and soak it in water for overnight. Morning add paste of 3 garlic cloves in the sprouted gram and mix properly. Eat this mixture morning and evening. For better taste you can add a pinch of salt and black pepper powder on it. Regular consumption can reduce the pain effectively.

Tamil home remedy using Eucalyptus oil:
This remedy is used for joint pain from many years. Take a little quantity of eucalyptus oil and make it warm. Now apply the thin coat of oil on joints where you feel the pain. Cover the portion with plastic so that the oil will remain on the place. Now dip a towel in hot water and give steam on the joints many times. This is the most effective remedy to minimize the joint pain in arthritis.

Tamil muttu vali maruthuvam using kothamalli leaves
kothamalli leaves or celery is also one of the most effective plants for arthritis. The seeds and the other parts of the plant are loaded with anti inflammatory properties which can be useful to treat the condition. The plant is very rich in Potassium. Consumption of the plant regularly can reduce the potassium deficiency in the body which can be the root reason of arthritis.