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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tamil medicine after delivery home remedies

Tamil medicine after delivery 
The information on Tamil medicine for normal delivery is given here. Delivering a child is considered as the second birth for the mother. Today when most of the ladies and doctors prefer C-section delivery, it is necessary to remember that normal delivery is best for the health of mother and child both.  People of India especially from orthodox family pray Tamil slogan for normal delivery. People prefer ayurvedic, siddha and homeopathic medicine for normal delivery. Women prefer C section as they get afraid about the pain during normal delivery but here are some home remedies for normal delivery.  

 How to get normal delivery in Tamil home remedy methods
 1. The first and the most important thing you need to do for normal delivery is keep your body flexible. Continue with easy exercises and some yoga positions to keep you fit and flexible. Start practicing Kegal Exercise regularly. Kegal exercise helps to keep the pelvic and thigh muscles strong which is necessary for normal delivery.  Tamil baby delivery painless method is suggested by yoga.  Just remember that whatever exercise you will follow should be under the supervision of experts. Wrong exercise can be harmful for you and baby both.
2. Along with the body, it is necessary to control your mind also. Mental strength can be useful for normal delivery. Stress and tension during pregnancy and labour is not good for normal delivery. Experts believe that stress and tension during delivery time can also affect child growth in the future. So keep your mind calm and happy while delivering baby.
3. Follow deep breathing to reduce stress and to get a great supply of oxygen for you and baby. Take expert advice for breathing exercises during pregnancy.
4. Your food intake can affect your delivery and child birth. It is said that consuming ghee or oil can help you for easy normal delivery. The nutritious food can make you strong but can’t make your delivery smooth or painless. Eat healthy and balanced diet to keep your body fit and for the perfect growth of your baby. But be careful about your weight also as overweight can be a hurdle for normal delivery.
5. According to ayurveda, walking is one of the best exercises for normal delivery. Get a practice of regular walking from the very first month of pregnancy.
6. Ayurveda suggests consuming milk with garlic paste added in it, from the seventh month of pregnancy. This remedy is helpful for normal delivery.
7. When your ninth month starts, consume water with roasted aniseeds mixed and boiled in it.
8. Regularly take warm water bath before going to bed. This can relieve tensions and stress.
9. Ayurveda suggests consuming honey and applying the paste of black cumin powder and honey on stomach when you are going in delivery room. This can help you for normal delivery.

10. After completing 7 months of pregnancy, regularly consume steamed mixture of raw rice, methi seeds and garlic pods along with water. This can help you for painless normal delivery.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vallarai plant medicinal uses Tamil keerai benefits

Vallarai plant medicinal uses Tamil keerai benefits

Vallarai Keerai Uses

This is to share the information on Tamil vallarai plant medicinal uses keerai benefits. vallarai herb is used in various types of Ayurvedic as well as herbal therapies to fight against many health problems. Vallarai lehyam is preprared to treat various diseases. The leaves of this amazing plant are used for treating the problems like liver functioning, problems related to lungs and kidney, regularizing blood circulation etc. The extract of the leaves are also used in curing the skin infections like Eczema, abscess or ulcers etc. Instead of taking vallarai tablets or capsule, best to have the fresh leaves soup.

vallarai keerai for memory:  From the ancient period this plant is considered as the best brain tonic for children. Those who are suffering from less memory or any type of brain related problem are advised to consume brahmi juice as a remedy.  The Nitric acid present in the leaves of the plant is beneficial for brain activity. It helps to increase the concentration power and helps to focus on a particular thing. Those who have got disturbed mind and lack of concentration can use the leaves of Brahmi plant. The leaves of the plant work as a memory booster which helps the kids to increase and concentrate memody in studies.

Vallarai keerai advantages in medical field: The patients who are suffering from Alzheimer are treated with the extracts of brahmi leaves. It is seen that the regular use of brahmi extracts have shown the positive results in the patients. Vallarai powder (podi)  helps to increase the capacity of the brain to understand the things clearly.

Vallarai keerai for hair, digestion and nerves: Hair fall, hair thinning and other hair problems can be treated with the help of brahmi extracts. Vallarai hair oil is prepared by using the leaves extract. The plant also helps to solve the problems like indigestion, stomach pain or diarrhea. Juice of vallarai leaves prevents the diminution of brain neurons; you can easily make the juice at home. The leaves of the plant contains Anti oxidant properties which helps to conserve the DNA cleavage in the body. It is advised to take vallarai during pregnancy

The consumption of vallarai  soup keeps of away from stress and tensions effectively. The anxiety patients are also treated with the juice of brahmi leaves. It controls the mind and decreases the level of anxiety effectively.

Vallarai keerai for babies: Some children are called as hyper active children. It is a sort of disorder which can be completely cured with the help of brahmi juice.

Vallarai keerai juice benefits: The other uses of brahmi leaves juice is that it helps to reduce the inflammation or pain in joints. The patients who are facing problem of mental infirmity or epilepsy are advised to consume brahmi leaves juice to cure the condition. Some sort of sexual problems among men and women can be treated easily with the helpof this amazing plant.

It is the best remedy for insomnia or other kinds of depressions. The respiratory problems like asthma etc can be cured with the regular consumption of brahmi leaves extracts.

Vallarai keerai for hair: Hair fall, hair thinning and other hair problems can be treated with the help of brahmi extracts. The plant also helps to solve the problems like indigestion, stomach pain or diarrhea.