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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tamil medicine for Jaundice

This is Tamil medicine for jaundice. Jaundice is one of the dangerous diseases that can cause many other diseases. In jaundice our skin and white portion of eyes turn yellowish in color as a result of increased Bilirubin level in the blood. Infant jaundice is most common in India. Dark yellow color urination and yellow shade all over the body is the main symptom of jaundice. Treatment for hepatitis c  is little costly. People should have some basic knowledge about Jaundice symptoms and treatment. 

Here are some natural home remedies to fight against this disease:
Jaundice types in tamil medicine: Pathologic Jaundice or jaundice in newborns, Pathologic Jaundice 
Combination of Honey and papaya is famous remedy for cirrhosis in the liver jaundice. Make paste of papaya leaves add honey in it. Continue this remedy for couple of weeks to cure the disease effectively.

One more very effective remedy is to add honey in banana paste. Consume the mixture twice a day for couple of weeks to treat jaundice.

You might have heard of treatment for hepatitis using bael leaves. Bael leaves are loaded with anti biotic properties. The leave extracts are used in ayurvedic medicinal therapy for treatment of diabetes. It has been proved that the leaves extracts are equally beneficial for treatment of jaundice. Make a juice of fresh bael leaves and add some pepper powder in it. Consume the mixture twice a day for quick relief.

Solanum nigrum is popularly called jaundice berry (manathakkali) in tamil. Regular intake of this can cure jaundice.

Jaundice treatment in tamil language maruthuvamusing keelanelli: One more trustworthy remedy for jaundice is phyllanthus niruri popularly called keelanelli plant. The antivirus properties of phyllanthus niruri can reduce the inflammation of liver and can fight against the virus of hepatitis A and B. The studies have proved that the plant extracts can effectively treat the jaundice within few days. Make a paste of niruri leaves and add it in goat milk. Consume the milk on empty stomach in the morning.

The studies have proved that the combination of phyllanthus niruri leaves and cassia sophera leaves works very good for the treatment of jaundice. Grind the leaves of the both plant and consume the paste twice a day followed with hot water.

Another effective remedy for jaundice us Curly dock plant leaves. The leaves are loaded with the medicinal properties useful to fight against the disease. Clean the leaves of curly dock and grind them along with cumin seeds and small onions and fresh lime juice. Consume it on empty stomach in the morning.

The leaves of Portia tree poovarasam are considered as beneficial for treatment of jaundice. Grind Portia tree leaves with pepper. Mix it with buttermilk and consume it thrice a day to get cured from jaundice.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Tamil medicine for cancer naturopathy treatment

This is Tamil medicine for cancer naturopathy treatment. Cancer is a disease that brings deadly shiver in the minds of everyone. It is the disease in starts with a tumor and slowly spreads throughout the body through blood or circulatory systems. It can be cured in the begging stages by knowing the symptoms or arikurikal. In most of the cases cancer results into to death, if not cured in initial stage. Cancer treatment and cancer medications are vey expensive. There are several internal and external causes behind the attack of this disease. 

There are many types of cancer and symptoms vary every time. In cancer the remarkable growth of cells can be seen which results in nonstop division of cells. There are certain Tamil medicines for cancer, in that most effective is siddha medicine for cancer in tamil therapy, which can build our immunity system and prevent the development and growth of cancer. The patients who are taking chemotherapy therapy or radiation therapy can take advantage of certain home remedies for extra benefits:

Tamil breast cancer remedy using Broccoli:
Some types of colorectal cancers can be cured with the help of broccoli. Broccoli sprouts are rich in phytochemicals which can prevent the development of breast cancer cells. Antioxidant properties of broccoli can detoxify the body naturally.

Prostate cancer therapy using grapes:
Grapes are loaded with compound named proanthocyanidins that controls the production of estrogen in the body. It is the very good remedy for breast, lung, colon and prostate cancer.

The consumption of ginseng keeps the infections away and it boosts the resistance power of the body.

This magical herb is loaded with anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties to treat many kinds of cancer in earlier stages.

The studies have proved that the phyto-estrogens present in soybean prevent the cancer cells from using estrogen in the body. Another compound found in soybeans is iso-flavones which can prevent the growth of Cancer cells in early stage. The remarkable difference can be seen in breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer after the regular consumption of soybean.

Wheat grass:
The juice of wheat grass builds the immunity power effectively and flushes of the harmful toxins from the body. It blocks the growth of cancer cells and thus is helpful in the treatment of all types of cancer.

Aloe Vera:
The juice of aloe Vera is beneficial in prostate or lung cancer.
Olive oil:
Olive oil can be used for many health problems. It keeps the risk of cancer away. Hydroxytyrosol, present in olive oil is beneficial in treating breast cancer in women.

Along with all these home remedies, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep the body healthy. The vegetables like cucumber, corn, carrots, spinach and peas are useful in cancer treatment.