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Monday, May 11, 2015

Agathi keerai and its benefits in Tamil medicine treatment

This is agathi keerai and its benefits in Tamil medicine treatment. Agathi is a plant found commonly in many backyards. This plant is loaded with many medicinal properties. It can be taken as the recipes like agathi keerai kootu, poriyal, kuzhambu etc. This leaves can improve the iron during pregnancy. With the help of this article let’s try to understand some of agathi keerai medicinal values.

Agathi keerai medicinal uses
  • Women linked problems like white discharge, stinky vaginal discharge, heat in body can be cured with the help of agathi keerai. Mix agathi keerai in milk and take a boil, after bringing it to room temperature, make a curd of this milk. The buttermilk made by this curd is very beneficial for reducing these above mentioned problems
  • The tea made with agathi keerai plant leaves is considered to have antibiotic, antitumor and contraceptive properties.
  • The leaves paste applied on sprain and contusions can cure it quickly. The antipyretic properties of the bark of the tree are a very good remedy for gastric trouble, diarrhea and dysentery.
  • The bark extraction is recommended for the patients of diabetes and also for the treatment of fever.
  • Those who have problem of weak vision are advised to put flower extracts of the plant in the eyes. The leaves extracts of the plant are useful for treatment of night blindness of cattle.
  • The roots of the plants are used to cure malaria. The plant carries medicinal properties which can reduce inflammation, bacterial infectivity and tumors.
  • The paste made with the leaves of the plant is used for rheumatism. Clogging due to sinus can be trim down by using flower extracts of the plant.
  • The plant is considered best for controlling kapha and Pitta. The plant extracts are used as a natural laxative. And it also helps for digestion.
  • It is also used as a very good ancient remedy for small pox. The fluid extracted from the flower of the agathi plant is helpful for reducing headache, blocked nose and head clogging. This liquid used to clear nasal passage effectively.
  • The powder of the dried roots of agathi is used to rub on rheumatic inflammation. Common swellings of the body parts can also be cured with the paste of root powder.  The paste of the leaves is applied on sprain.
  • The leaf extracts are used to clean mouth to maintain oral health and to cure sore throat. The crushed bark is used for the treatment of scabies and also for the mouth ulcers. The plant leaves are chewed for mouth and throat infection.