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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Athimadhuram medicinal uses healing properties Tamil therapy

This is an article of Athimadhuram medicinal uses healing properties tamil therapy  to know about the great medicinal herb Licorice, called Athimadhuram in Tamil. Athimadhuram root is having great medicinal value to cure diseases like stomach, skin and beauty related problems. The holy plant is used in ayurveda to prepare the medicine called Athimadhuram churnam, the price is also not high. There is no side effect to have this but medical advice is needed if you have any other serious health issues.

How to use Athimadhuram for skin? Take ten tender neem leaves, make a fine paste. Take 1tsp of licquorice powder mix it with neem paste and apply for your skin to remove all your skin infections.  

Athimadhuram for hair growth: Add a bunch of dried curry leaves, 3 dried hibiscus flower and 1tsp Athimadhuram powder in warm coconut oil. Apply this oil for hair and scalp massage weekly twice to induce hair growth. This is also effective for gray hair problem.

Uses of Athimadhuram powder in stomach related problems: Licorice

Tea is best to treat indigestion and gastric problems. Take ¼ tsp of Athimadhuram with milk (cold) to cure acidity problem,  but it is not advised to take during pregnancy.  

Athimadhuram for babies: Athimadhuram herbal jucie called kashyam . Take Athimadhuram 2 small pieces(powdered), pepper powder a pinch, jeera powder pinch, ginger juice ½ tsp. Take a cup of milk or  water, add the above ingredients, let it to become half and give this to babies  (15ml)  two times a day.

Athimadhuram for face glow: You can use this herb Athimadhuram for beauty purpose too. Take 1/2tsp of turmeric powder, 1/2tsp Athimadhuram powder. Mix it by adding rose water, apply this past daily leaveitfor15 minutes and wash your face in cold water.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kudampuli benefits in Tamil medicine weight loss and health values

This is Kudampuli benefits in Tamil medicine weight loss and health values. Kudampuli is a fruit about which very people have knowledge. It health benefits are mentioned in Ayurveda and siddha medicine. Considering its nutritional fact the fruit is dried and used in several recipes and curries of Kerala cuisine. You should take doctors advice to take kudampuli during pregnancy to avoid side effects.  The dried form of the fruit  and its powder is available in the market easily. The fruit originates from Indonesia. Here are some benefits and uses of the amazing fruit of Kudampuli.

How to use kudampuli for weight loss
  • The regular usage of this fruit helps us to reduce weight efficiently. Kudampuli and kollu are good for weight loss and to reduce cholesterol. It is also available in tablet form in ayurveda medicine.
  • Kudampuli is a yellow-green fruit much like pumpkin in appearance. The fruit is also known as Garcinia Cambodia, Malabar tamarind, brindleberry or Gummi Gutta. The ayurvedic medicinal therapy is taking advantage of the medicinal properties of Kudampuli. Generally this fruit is used for its anti-colic properties.
  • The health problems like rheumatism, piles and bilious affectations can be cured with the help of kudampuli drink. Apart from the other health benefits, the kudampuli is mainly beneficial for the weight loss program.
  • The fruit juice or extract also supports the digestive process. The decoction is make with this fruit is beneficial in the treatment of arthritis and uterine diseases.
  • The medicinal properties of kudampuli suppress the unnecessary hunger which is the main cause for excessive weight gain. The fruit makes you feel full for the complete day and thus uses the stored fat in your body for energy gain.
  • The consumption of the fruit directly or  kudampuli rasam is beneficial for the improvement of metabolism. Those who are suffering from diabetes can take advantage of Kudampuli fruit as it helps to control the blood sugar level effectively.
  • As it reduces the appetite, naturally the level of carbohydrates taken by the body decreases and blood sugar levels are well maintained. Thus indirectly the consumption of Kudampuli helps to reduce blood sugar level effectively.
  •  It also reduces the restoring of the extra fats in the body. The natural ingredients of the fruit help to block the enzyme-citrate lyase that helps the carbohydrates to convert into fats and sugar.
  • The main cause of indigestion and acidity is imbalance of bowel moments. The regular consumption of Kudampuli regulates the digestive system effectively. Studies have also proved that the fruit extracts can be helpful in prevention of the growth of ulcers.
  • If you are getting benefits by using this fruit, kindly give your  Kudampuli review for other benefits in the comment section.